[Video] Area 51: The Alien Interview

Hosted by Mr. X (Steven Williams), the documentary goes into details around the alleged interview with a captured grey alien housed near Area 51 in a facility called S-4.

In 1997, an anonymous person named “Victor” leaked the video hoping to prove, once and for all, that aliens do exist. “Victor” claims to have worked in the S-4 building and did a handful of interviews (with a distorted voice) to talk about his experience. He just as quickly disappeared for fear that he would be found out and killed.

Experts have analyzed the grey alien interview and are mixed on whether it’s authentic or not. Image expert, Jim Dilettoso, analyzed the film frame by frame and found no evidence of tampering. While some special effects experts believe that the “alien” is a puppet in a darkened room.

In 2013, another whistleblower named “Kewper” corroborated “Victor’s” story explaining that the S-4 facility was used to house and interview various breeds of aliens. Located 12 miles outside of Area 51, the S-4 facility had been used for this purpose since as early as 1953.

If you’d like to know more about “Kewper” you can check out his 1998 interview with reporter Linda Moulton Howe.

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