The Black Knight Satellite: Real or Myth?

The Black Knight is allegedly an extraterrestrial satellite that has traveled in a polar orbit around the Earth for an estimated 13,000 years.

In 1899, Nikola Tesla is said to be one of the first to pick up the signal of the satellite during his radio experiments. However, some experts have suggested that Tesla actually received signals from pulsars (neutron stars) and misinterpreted his findings.

Since then, there have been many stories attributed to the Black Knight but they seem to be a hodge-podge of singular instances and events that don’t correlate with one another. Even the name “black knight” has no traceable origin story.

The picture above was taken by NASA in 1998 and is considered irrefutable evidence that the Black Knight satellite exists. Though, the official story from NASA reveals that the dark object is mere space debris.  It’s said to be a piece of a thermal blanket that escaped during an EVA mission.

When I first heard of the Black Knight satellite I really wanted to believe that it existed. I’ve done a ton of research hoping that I would find some kind of evidence that the extraterrestrial satellite does, in fact, exist. To my disappointment, nothing really stood out for me. The stories and events around the satellite have no cohesive thread. (If you want to read a super comprehensive article about the history of the Black Knight and how it relates to other UFO sightings read this article: The Black Knight Sattelite: Sentinel from Space.)

The instances described to be Black Knight related could be attributed to other anomalies or paranormal events. Much of the picture “evidence” looks obviously doctored. The picture below is supposed to be a screenshot from an alleged short video of the Columbia space shuttle in the same orbit as the Black Knight satellite. You can check out one of the incarnations of the video here.

Unfortunately, the video and this picture look like a copy-and-paste job. The satellite does not move and it looks suspiciously like the object in the NASA picture turned slightly so that it’s at a different angle.

Nowhere, in any of the video descriptions did I find any kind of source cited for where this video came from or if NASA had officially released it. That, in itself, is highly suspect. NASA has a history of releasing statements for any footage or pictures that even tiptoes into the fringe arena. They like to prove people wrong.

If you want to know more about the NASA photo then check out the video below. There’s footage of the thermal blanket (that’s supposedly in the NASA picture above) escaping into space. So, you can make your own judgment about whether the NASA picture and the thermal blanket are the same thing.

I’m always skeptical of NASA’s “explanations” so I’m not entirely sure if I believe that the 1998 photo is the thermal blanket they claim. However, in my mind, there definitely was a resemblance and I could see how that official story got attached to the picture.

I can’t say for certain I believe in the Black Knight. I’m more inclined to think that it’s a cool mythology strung together through the retelling of random paranormal accounts and some really cool NASA pictures of space debris. Decide for yourself.

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