New HISTORY UFO Drama Highlights Project Blue Book.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

From 1952-1969, the Air Force conducted an investigation into the surging unidentified flying object (UFO) phenomenon called Project Blue Book. The Top Secret operation researched thousands of UFO cases which were mostly explainable but about 700 cases were considered unsolved. (If you want to look at the original documentation go here for pdfs.)

The HISTORY channel debuts its paranormal docudrama based on the investigation called “Project Blue Book” on January 8th at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Executive produced by Academy and Golden Globe winner, Robert Zemeckis the series will follow Dr. J Allen Hynek (Aiden Gillen, Game of Thrones), a college professor, who is persuaded to spearhead the investigation. The series also stars Michael Malarky (Vampire Diaries).

Each episode features an authentic real-life, documented UFO case from the original case files. Some of the incidences explored are the Flatwoods Monster Incident in West Virginia, the Gorman Dog Fight in Fargo, North Dakota and the popular Lubbock Lights in Lubbock, Texas among others.

Actor, Michael Malarky, immersed in himself into the history of Project Blue Book to prepare for his role in the series.

“I mean, it’s my job as an actor especially when you’re playing real life people and regarding events that actually happened to do as much research as you can into a condensed time period…I definitely read a great amount of Edward J. Ruppelt’s book, who was the head of Blue Book at the time, and who my character is loosely based on and I even did research at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base because I grew up near there…I even flew a plane, I did some flying lessons.”

He even got the “UFO bug” and is still watching documentaries and doing research on the subject.

“For me it’s – I don’t know if it’s “aliens” or not but I definitely feel like whatever these objects are in our skies – and I’ve seen a lot of footage, you have to comb through a lot of the fake stuff out there at the moment and people are really good at doctoring things up – but there’s enough legit stuff out there to see that there are intelligent objects moving throughout our skies at various times and very particular, very specific places as well. There’s a lot of sightings over the nuclear facilities and things and those conclusions are really fascinating of what why they would be interested in that.

But there’s also the idea that there are, you know, AI drones from outer space as well. There’s just so much rich material to draw from, and I think that’s the exciting thing about this show is that as much as it is a drama and you do have to take artistic license to be able to tell a story, at the same time hopefully what the show will do is reactivate an incredible interest from people who aren’t as aware of the depths of what’s going on and the truth behind the stories told. The history and its reality is huge, and it’s global as well, not just in America.”

Watch “Project Blue Book” on the HISTORY CHANNEL on January 8th at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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