Alien Con Review Pasadena


Photos by Lily Khuu, Christopher Yost and Heather Woodward. Make sure to join the NVus Alien Facebook Group and Subscribe to the NVus Alien Podcast.


Thousands of alien enthusiasts and truth seeks convened at the Pasadena Convention Center in June 2018 to watch presentations from their favorite Ancient Aliens guests and celebrity appearances.  Most notably, David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi of the X-Files signed autographs and took pictures with fans.

In November 2018, Alien Con will be back! This time in Baltimore. Guests include Jenna Coleman from Dr. Who and all the familiar faces of Ancient Aliens including Georgio Tsoukalos and Linda Moulton Howe.  To get tickets go to the Alien Con Website.











The outside banners in front of the Pasadena Convention Center.  Traffic slowed down in front of the buildings to get a better look at the crowds of people.  On Saturday and Sunday, the city hosted a chalk art festival. Artists came from all over the area to create chalk murals.  The photos of the peacocks are from our hotel room.











Georgio Tsoukalos signed autographs at his booth on Friday afternoon at Alien Con. Nobody was supposed to take pictures of him because he was selling photo sessions at the event. However, with a wave of the press pass, we were allowed to snap a few candid photos of Georgio while waiting in line.



Erich Von Daniken, author of Chariot of the Gods, being escorted at around the Alien Con Marketplace. He wore that dark blue jacket the whole weekend. Also, we saw him going to dinner with some colleagues later on in the evening. He is a really nice guy and took time to take pictures with fans. Daniken has a new book out: Impossible Truths: Amazing Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact









A little glimpse of the Alien Con Marketplace, the hub of the whole event.  Lots of vendors with fun, alien-inspired wares. Plus, some spooky creatures and kooky characters.



Interview with trance medium, Gregory Possman. He did a presentation on trance mediumship by channeling a Venusian alien being. Afterward, we followed him to his booth and asked him about how he got into channeling. Also, he hosts a men’s group for male healers. You can check out his book here: Wounded Healer.

Interview by Lily Khuu.


Gregory Possman channeling information during his presentation.



Gregory Possman and Me. I’m wearing my Tsoukalos “aliens” shirt.









There were so many overlapping events and we tried to go to as many presentations as possible. Here is a photo gallery of some of our favorites. One of our team members ended up watching the alien abduction panel that was featured on the latest season of Ancient Aliens. You will see the pictures in the gallery.



Georgio Tsoukalos talking at Alien Con 2018 in Pasadena.



Linda Moulton Howe talking on AI. A very thorough and scary presentation. I am amazed by her research abilities. She provided a ton of evidence.



Hanging out in Linda Moulton Howe’s creepy presentation on AI.



I snuck a picture of David Duchovny while waiting in line to have him sign my cool alien purse. He was really nice but seemed tired.



Signatures of David Duchovny and Georgio Tsoukalous on my cool alien purse.



Bob Gimlin’s signature from the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film. Yes, I believe that the bigfoot is real and this is one of the BEST pieces of evidence. My dad loves Bigfoot. So, I got him the signed poster for Father’s Day.


Bob Gimlin and me. He is a super nice guy.



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